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First things first. Hi. I won’t sit here and claim to be revolutionarily different than all the workshops out there. We are in a very, very saturated market. And, I also won’t sit here and bash on other workshops. We all have a space here, and we all have knowledge to give and share.

But I do believe that you were led here, to my corner of the internet, for a reason!

People often ask me, WHY workshops? First, this isn’t for show, to swindle people out of money, or to enhance a social media following. Second, I don’t claim to know absolutely everything and the way that I do things isn’t the only way to do things. I’ve got almost 5 wedding seasons under my belt and I’ve failed (a lot), I’ve had triumphs and I have a message to share, and my God, He keeps opening doors for me to share it.

After thinking about it for the past few months, here’s what I’m after:

01. Sharing the good news we have in Jesus and encouraging others to press into Him in every facet of life— including running a business

02. Educating others about what I’ve learned and giving tangible resources on how to run photography businesses in an honorable, simplified, others-oriented, humble and resourceful manner

03. Bringing groups of women, who otherwise might never meet, together to grow and bond

Into it? Keep scrollin’ for more details!

Want to see what went down at my business intensive One Day Workshop last year at Union/Pine? Watch the video by Amanda Muchmore Parker here!

What gals are saying about past workshops—


“Olivia is inspiring, uplifting, genuine and overall exactly what the photography world needs. I went into this workshop thinking I would figure out maybe how to edit or gets clients better but I came out of it truly changed at my core and shaken by what God wants me to do with my photography.”

“I appreciated that it was in focus on a few topics that we were able to choose. It allowed it to be really personal and hit the right spots for learning.”

“This workshop changed me for the better.”

“…The level of vulnerability with one another to just be open and honest in a safe and homey setting.”

The details—

Where: My home just 15 minutes south of Portland, OR (Tigard, OR)

When: Tuesday June 11 at 10am - Wednesday June 12 at 3pm

How many: Only 8 spots are available!

What to expect: After thinking about it for some time, I would love to keep big plans a secret so that you can come into this experience with joyful expectancy and excitement!

However— come knowing and expecting that you will leave with your questions about business answered as well as with new resources, ideas and skills. This is about you and what you need to grow— so after registering, I will be asking you what your specific questions, topics and hopes are so I can prepare specifically for you.

You can also expect to receive the encouragement and hospitality your soul may be craving as well as a retreat style bonding experience alongside likeminded women.

Cost: $500 (covers all meals + lodging + resources)

Sign up with a pal and get $50 off your ticket!

Come + let me take care of ya, friend.


Ready to roll?—

I’m so happy you’ve gotten this far! To sign up, fill out the form below + I’ll send over some more information upon receiving your message!

If you still need some more info/questions answered, fill out the form and let’s chat.

Excited about you already!

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What exactly am I investing in?

This is a photography workshop/retreat/business intensive course all wrapped into one. You are investing in tangible resources, knowledge, new skills, encouragement, and relationships!

How can I pay for this?

A 50% deposit is required to secure your spot at this workshop, and the remainder is due 3 days before the workshop. Payment can be fulfilled via Venmo, or a check. When you register, I will send you an invoice to keep for tax purposes!

Will there be a photo shoot?

There will be a couples’ session to cover how I interact, pose + work with a couple, and for you to practice new skills, camera settings, etc. This will also be the content for our editing session.

I have food allergies…can you accommodate me?!

Absolutely yes! Let me know what you need and I’ll make sure you have it.

I’m not from Portland. Should I come?

YES! The airport is accessible, being only 25 minutes away from my home. Easy!

How can I find updates on the workshop?

Upon registering, you’ll be added to a private Facebook group. This group will also last after the workshop (past groups of gals are still chatting in it almost a year later!)