picture this: good food, a relaxing space, time away from real life, rich discussions, learning, taking photos, gaining knowledge, receiving encouragement + building relationships. now picture you: investing in your business, finding your calling + being reminded where your identity lies. i love hosting! and i love encouraging. and i may not know everything…but i do know that i love helping, teaching and sharing every bit of info to make you feel empowered to run and sustain a thriving business. workshops are my way serve you. they are a way to serve my industry in truth and love. they are a beautiful way to bring together women of all walks of life to grow together. 


workshops are all the rage right now, though. how do you know if mine is the right one?!

what my workshops are: a space for women who crave community, who need encouragement, who desire open and honest discussions, want tips on how to manage pressures with social media, want to learn how to run a thriving business to quit your day job all in a in a relaxed, down to earth setting. my workshops and seminars are casual, business minded, and a place to be vulnerable and REAL.

what my workshops are not: a class on how to get more instagram followers, or even a place where instagram is valued as the sole way of marketing your business. i’ll never, ever be the one to tell you that you should be compromising your mental health to get more followers. it’s also not a rigid space where i talk and you listen. they are not a place to come and learn about how to do everything the same as me, but a place where you are encouraged and prompted and helped to discover what works best for you.

want to see what went down at the last workshop? watch the video by amanda muchmore parker here.



One days

one day workshops are e p i c. and so much fun! we meet in a cool space, i bring in a stylist and vendor team to put on a gorgeous content photoshoot and we chat about all things photography and business. it's an experience all wrapped up in a big, huge mentorship session. with friends. and good food. keep an eye out on instagram for these in 2019! 


expected investment ~ $600



not a fan of groups? let's get together one on one. these mentorship sessions are roughly 4 hours long, include a short photoshoot + are open for you to ask all the questions you want. 


expected investment ~ $500 


What ladies are

“i appreciated that it was in focus on a few topics that we were able to choose. it allowed it to be really personal and hit the right spots for learning.”

“the level of vulnerability with one another to just be open and honest in a safe and homey setting.”

“olivia is inspiring, uplifting, genuine and overall exactly what the photography world needs. i went into this workshop thinking i would figure out maybe how to edit or gets clients better but i came out of it truly changed at my core and shaken by what God wants me to do with my photography.”

“this workshop changed me for the better.”