sara + darrell — unique designer wedding at cooper's hall


These two are anything but traditional -- in the best way of course. Sara's attention to detail (she's an incredible graphic designer, she designed all the paper!) and both her + Darrell's amazing style topped off their family-oriented wedding and reception perfectly. Minimalism heaven. And that bouquet? Gee wiz Solabee! 

The day started out calm and breezy. Little bit of rain. So Portland, right?

I always get to excited to see my brides on the morning of their wedding day. It is probably one of my favorite parts...getting to give them a big hug and check in on how they're feeling about it all. I always like to come a little early so I can visit with them for a minute or two. A bride on her wedding day is one of the best things ever. So joyful, excited, antsy, looking so gorgeous (Alyssa Fitchie on Sara's hair and makeup - nailed it, as always!) Sara was sweet as can be when I arrived and I knew we'd be on the same mind-wave length all day long. That gal just gets me. She's the type of person who doesn't even need to say much, but you just feel like your best friends. (Hi Sara, I miss you ;)). 

D+S were so excited to get married already, and their calmness was such a testament to that. they were so confident. So sure. They were ready to roll and make it official. It was such a wonderful day of nothing but good. Good good good. And so many laughs. They couldn't keep smiles off their faces. I would tell them to do a serious face, and alas, laughter. I loved it. 

So thankful to have been able to be a part of this day and tell this story. 

Olivia StrohmComment