hanna + matthias — joyful wedding at cathedral park and blockhouse pdx


Where do I even begin? Hanna + Matthias were surrounded, all weekend, by their friends and family after planning their wedding (in three months!) in Portland. I have never seen a bride / groom pay so much attention to their friends and fam...everything they did was about them, and yet, it totally exemplified their relationship perfectly. Hanna and Matthias' toasts from their people at the reception were words about how intentional, kind and inclusive they are. After knowing them for a only for a few short hours, I could instantly agree with that. They exude love. They are love. 

Utmost joy. This day was joy. Jesus was rejoicing and all the angels were partying. Hanna and Matthias are special, special people. 

As always, these photos tell a better story of their day than I could ever write in words. 



Olivia StrohmComment