chelsea + jordan — lakeside wedding in the woods at lake cushman


The moment I met Chelsea I knew I could call her “Chels” from then on. She’s that personable. She makes you feel like you’ve been friends for years in an instant. She loves her friends big time and, well, she loves Jordan that much more.

Lake Cushman is gorgeous. I mean, jaw dropping-ly so. Upon walking down to the lake…fog and rolling blue mountains surrounds you. No cell service. Not a lot of noise. No one around, really. It was so, so peaceful.

I think for me, this day was so relaxed that sometimes I was like, wait, should we be moving faster?! But it just seemed so effortlessly easy working with Chelsea and Jordan and their friends, I must have just been having a ton of fun ;).

Loved this day and love these people.

Olivia Strohm1 Comment