Black + White preset pack

Black + White preset pack


A good black and white photo is simply magic. When printing my own wedding photos for our home, I found that I was drawn to printing black and whites - there is something different about the way a black and white evokes emotion, mood + beauty that color just can’t.

I set out to create a black and white preset that my clients would love - and want to print.

These 2 black and white presets are smooth, contrasted, muted, + both deliciously grainy with the perfect amount of mood to take your photos to the next level. They work with ANY lighting situation you are faced with (direct sunlight, flash, outdoor, indoor, mixed light, you name it, these work) and can turn any photo into a work of art.

Included in your purchase:
- 2 black and white Lightroom presets (one contrasted, and one muted)
- 6 videos showing you how I use these presets in Lightroom on different images

I get the look in 3-4 clicks minimum (usually even just one!), but enjoy your own creative freedom!
The presets are compatible with Lightroom only (.lrtemplate).

Purchases are non-refundable. Replicating or claiming these files as your own is not tolerated.

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