You don’t need me to make your story beautiful. Your story is beautiful all on its own. Believe that.

But I’m here to help tell your story in the most authentic, simplistic, real, honest way that I can. How do I do this? Well, it’s simple. By capturing your wedding day as it happens— straying away from contrived + staged and instead valuing candid + photojournalistic moments. I edit with tones that exemplify what you’d see with your eyes naturally instead of changing the scene with heavily tweaked and intense filters. Always striving to keep things stress, striving, and hurry free, I draw inspiration from minimalism in all forms— from keeping your day of schedule nice + straightforward all the way to my shooting habits.

This is my simple intention: to help you, your families, your friends, your children, your children’s children and beyond remember your wedding day. I can’t promise you Instagram worthy, prim + “perfect” images. But I can promise that you will have your best day photographed beautifully, that you’ll feel something looking at your photos 50 years from now, and that when working with me, you’ll be treated with kindness and attention along the way.

this is your story and wedding day. i don’t want to change it. i don’t want to alter it. and i sure as heck don’t want to stage it. i’m here to capture it— creatively + artistically, and beautify it naturally and simply, in all its glory.

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