Welcome guide template

Welcome guide template

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This guide is the perfect way to fully inform your couples on all that is to come!

This EASY to use and edit template for PAGES (yes, PAGES!) is the easiest way that I have found to make my Guides. I have tried the Photoshop route, the online Magazine makers...you name it. BUT - PAGES has been the absolute easiest way to create, customize and export my Guides to send to my couples. 

Drag + drop images, change fonts, alter colors, and insert your own words SIMPLY and beautifully. Export to PDF and share via Google Drive. NO PHOTOSHOP, no memberships, no fuss. 

what's included:
- cover page
- welcome page
- table of contents
- about you page
- the process
- sample timelines
- vendors
- details to know page
- pep talk / advice page
- FAQ’s
- shot list page
- closing page
- 3 pages of gallery space for your images


- short video examples on specific how-to's (no audio, but easy to follow!) 
- professionally written copy and prompts to fill in your own info 

To note: 

- guides are not double page spreads. they are single page scrollable pdf's that can be sent in google drive or in PDF format to your client. the double page spread is for display purposes only.
- images and background photos in examples are used for display purposes only. my images are not included with purchase.
- the fonts represented in the examples are Big Caslon and Avenir. in the template you will receive, the heading font will be times new roman. i have provided a link to purchase Big Caslon if you wish.
- due to the nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds can be given. sharing these files or claiming them as your own is prohibited.

please also note that this template is compatible with the most recent updated version of pages on macs only at this time. the guide can be shared via google drive in gmail, drop box, or by other file transferring means.

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