sarah + barnabas | columbia gorge engagement at government cove


The fires in the Columbia River Gorge have me thinking about what pictures mean to us. When I take couples' engagement photos, I am literally capturing history. I am capturing a moment in these peoples' lives that they want to remember. How they looked, how they feel about each is a part of their history. Little did I know in this very photoshoot I'd be taking photos of history in more ways than one.

It has inspired me to start thinking differently about how I shoot engagements + weddings. I want to capture history, legacy, and more than just a pretty picture in a cool location. I want to capture true emotion + feeling so that my couples can look back in 10 years and remember that newlywed bliss. Photos are important because they are the way that we can recall memories that we might've let go of on accident. My job is important and this shoot reminded me of that. 

S + B were so refreshing and wonderful to photograph. We drove out to Government Cove in the gorge and experienced the perfect golden sunset that lit up the mountains and sparkled on the water. Sea planes flew past us multiple times and we had the whole place to ourselves to explore. I love these images, this landscape, and the double history they hold. Enjoy!

Olivia StrohmComment