just a couple of kids in love is all it takes for an epic day. this day was epic, you guys. and i have to tell the whole story here, so dig in. these kids' names are alexis and kincade, they live in utah, and they came all the way to oregon to exchange vows on their favorite beach. i arrived at the airbnb they were staying at in portland on a rather sunny morning. we had been emailing for months prior to meeting, so it was such a joy to finally meet these guys. they're just as sweet as they are pretty ;).

a+k started making some food together and of course, i just snapped away. they laughed and ate and drank hot coffee and then snuggled a bit. alexis and i then snuck upstairs and she slipped her dress on, put on her jewelry, and waited for her man to come upstairs and see her all ready to get married. they hugged, smooched and he twirled her about 934792374 times to get the full picture. ugh, i love being a fly on the wall for these moments!!! they put their shoes on together, she tied his tie, and they walked out the door to drive to crescent beach to say i do. getting ready together on your wedding day must be such a surreal moment. it doesn't happen often on wedding days, but witnessing it, i just loved how calm, relaxed, and casual it all was. 

driving to the beach, we said goodbye to the sun and hello to the craziest rain storm i've ever been in. like, ever. we arrived at ecola state park, and began the hike down to crescent beach in the sideways (no joke) rain. trampling through ankle deep mud, slipping and sliding every which way, a+k blazed the trail down to the beach. when we arrived, it was so windy that i was sure that my umbrella (i held an umbrella the whole time i was shooting ha!!) would turn inside out, or that we would all just get blown away. the only spot that did not have such high winds was behind a huge rock, so we decided -- this was the spot. cade and his two friends that were witnessing started making a makeshift alter out of drift wood against the rock, and then without a hitch they started their sweet little ceremony.

the rain came down, you guys. it was difficult to hear their vows because of the wind and rain, but i saw their mouths moving, tears falling, teeth chattering and laughter and smiles blaring as they got more and more soaking wet. at one point during cade's vows, he could tell how freezing cold alexis was, so he grabbed her and finished his vows holding her close. it. was. incredible. i couldn't believe what i was seeing. truly, it was out of a movie. after a quick frolic around the beach, they decided to get back into the forest where it was dry(er), pop some bub + celebrate. we kept hiking, everyone washed their mud filled shoes off at the trailhead, and jumped in the car to get warm. we said our goodbyes (it was so sad!!) and the entire drive home i reflected on what an incredible event i just got to take part in. a+k never complained, they never wished for anything different. it was inspiring to me to see a bride + groom more focused on their union than how everything looked.

this day + and their amazing attitudes reminded me that in this crazy wedding industry being present is far more valuable and life giving than being perfect. taking pressure off of your expectations and allowing room for something even better to take place than what you could've ever imagined is something i want for my clients. that's the cool thing about god. that's exactly how he works, and trust me, he'll never let you down.