ugh. this day. this day was so good. mike + hillary are the goofiest coolest kindest people and this day was a blast because of it. their personalities are brimming out of these images and it was the most incredible thing to capture with my camera. it was one of those days where i simply felt nothing but gratitude + god's love. the best kind of days. 

m + h did their first look in their future home together and it was sweet, simple, and so down to earth. hillary is a uber talented designer and she made her own dress. yaaaa, she freaking made that gorgeous thing!!! with her own hands!!! mike wore a green velvet suit jacket which just pulled the whole dang thing together. velvet is my love language, i've decided. 

we drove over to union/pine, and continued to have a blast + take photos + relax + chill. like i said, personality is brimming from each photo and i was having a flippin' field day shooting these two and their friends. it made me realize the importance of letting loose, and just being yourself on your wedding day. i want my peeps to feel like they can be goofy and silly and relaxed, and i just love these photos because of that idea. i hope it inspires people getting married! 

the quiet, cozy ceremony was really something out of a movie. it was emotional + fun, tears and great big belly laughs were shared by everyone in the room. everyone in the room was truly a part of their family. that's just who mike + hillary are. they are the people that really invest in you and want to get to know you. they're just plain special. 

seeing two people commit their lives to each other is special. every weekend i get to see god's faithfulness and his love right before my eyes. i try and take a minute to let that all sink in. this day was a sink-in day. i'm so grateful for it. 

venue: union/pine | second shooter: madeline mae | dress: bride's design | florals: cheryl thiessen designs | caterer: elephants | groomswear: ralph lauren | hamu: styling by helena | stationary: fossil letter press 


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