BRing on all the rosy cheeks and red noses!! we ventured to my fav spot on the oregon coast for paige and max's engagement photos and frick it was a cold day. nothing that a lil snuggling can't fix, right??? goodness. i love when my friends get married.

paige + max are so dearly loved by, honestly, everyone they meet and know. they are those "electric" kind of people that make you feel loved and cared for instantly. they're also some of the funniest humans i know. friends of these two, can i get an amen?!?! 

being yourself is in style. not that it wasn't before, but posed photography is going out of style and the unposed, raw, silly, real, moments are coming in. and i am freakin' loving it. paige + max inspired me deeply + i found myself laughing along with them behind my camera. my husband jesse also came along with us on this little was so much fun. he's a great fourth wheel! ;) 

paige + max are the queen and king of being themselves and gosh, it shows. they love each other in the sweetest of ways and i always come away so dang happy whenever i get to spend time with them. their wedding day is going to be the most joyful day (photographed by my dear friend ana)!!! poppin' a bottle of champ miiiiight need to happen....