as a photographer i've realized how often jesus comes up + provides in this whole process of booking clients/getting your name out there + all that crazy stuff...will + carissa are proof of this. a friend of mine from college (hi bri hehe) worked with carissa over in the philippines where they met and became friends. fastforward a bit, carissa gets engaged to her sweetheart will + bri recommends me to will + carissa for their wedding photos. 

fastforward to that first e-mail they sent me inquiring and without hesitation i said HECK YES + the rest is history. months of planning back and forth, chatting, skype calls, and getting to know each other a bit...and come december i'm in HAWAII meeting will + carissa for the first time, and photographing their wedding day in the most beautiful place (where movies like jurassic park + lost were filmed... WHAaaaaaT). 

their day was full of love. and tears. lots of tears. but only the good ones. my heart was so full all day. i felt so incredibly fortunate to be there. i felt the lord's spirit in the wind + during the reception, the tiniest bit of rain fell for about 1 second, which is a hawaiian blessing from what i learned later on. and gosh, were we ALL blessed from being there with will + carissa. 

family + friends from all over the U.S. came to be with will + carissa on their day. i could tell immediately that their people were the most important thing to them. my husband jesse and i were welcomed with open arms and even got to sit down and eat with their families. all of their friends were so kind + fun, seriously, we didn't want the night to end! 

will + carissa's day was full of special unique touches...from carissa walking down an untraditional aisle with her dad, to each table at the reception having a cake for them to cut with their guests (brides--steal this idea!!! it was amazing!). through and through, it was a celebration of LOVE, family, and jesus' incredible way of intertwining people's lives together. will + carissa are so evidently head over heels for each other and i still get goosebumps when i think about the time i got to spend with them! what an incredible thing LOVE is!!! goodness gracious.

dress: BHLDN | florals: pamakane pico - ocean dreamer | venue: moli'i gardens | caterer: memiors catering | cakes: sift hawaii | HAMU:  hair and makeup by SL


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