Oh my. These two have a head over heels, crazy in love, best friends forever kind of love and it was such an incredible day to be a part of. The day could not have been more gorgeous from the weather (sun sun sun), florals, Hailey's blush dress + of course, MOUNT HOOD peeking in the background the whole day. Winter weddings at Timberline lodge are somethin' special. My goodness. 

From the constant snuggling (you'll see in a minute), candle lighting during the ceremony, tears fallin', enough BACON to feed a small army (the grooms fav food, as I shortly learned)...Hailey + Evan's day was truly a gift from God. When things got stressful, they'd point back to Him. When things didn't necessarily go right, they took deep breaths and took in all this day meant. It was beautiful to witness such strength. It was also beautiful to witness friends and family coming together to celebrate love. Like I always say, it never gets old. 

I hope you all enjoy these cozy photos. There's still snow on the ground here in Portland so it's kind of the perfect time to share. ;)

florals: olive & june | venue: timberline lodge 

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