Cassie + Eric's wedding day was absolutely beautiful. These two have taste. Great, great taste. I was in a Wes Anderson dreamland all day long -- aka, HEAVEN. Inspired is such an understatement to how I felt on this day, and add in two people MADLY in love? Well, let's just say I was a happy photographer! 

C + E were made for each other. They build each other up, they are each others best friend, they are supportive of each others dreams and they finish each other's sentences. The entire day they were excited, jittery, and always looking for one another's hand to hold. 

We began the day in Cassie's gorgeous NW Portland apartment and then trekked over to Forest Park for the first look. Complemented by the most gorgeous fall-inspired bouquet by Brier + Ivy, Cassie confidently walked up to Eric and the two immediately embraced and began praying together. What a moment. I still get chills! 

We then fought some classic Portland traffic (and winding roads -- eek!) to Door of Hope Church where the ceremony was held. It is the most eclectic church I have ever been in, it is AMAZING! It fit Cassie + Eric's style so well. Union/Pine was the reception venue, which is one of my all time favorite venues in Portland. Complete with a Taco Truck + Salt and Straw + a bathtub full of La Croix, Cassie + Eric and their closest fam and friends celebrated the night away in the coziest space. The joy was through the ROOF. Some tearful toasts, a couple ping pong games and a dance party later, Cassie + Eric departed by sparkler exit.

This day represented what I think weddings these days should be -- a day of celebrating LOVE + the uniqueness that makes you and your love YOU. Have that ping pong table at your wedding. Forgo tradition for traditions sake. Celebrate the things you love and have your favorite food for dinner. The best part of your wedding day in the end is marrying the love of your life. Like Cassie + Eric, have the details that have made your relationship what it is! The memories that you share, the things that make you smile... And most importantly, allow the day to be foraged by the love that Jesus has so graciously poured out. 

florals: brier + ivy | dress: david's bridal | taco truck: pastorcillos tacos | ceremony: door of hope | reception: union/pine

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