What's better than putting your wedding clothes on, snuggling and spending time in the Lord's creation? Nothin. Really, nothing. 

Haley + Trey drove over to the Oregon coast from UTAH! Haley e-mailed me a couple of months ago and I immediately was in. She even said, "we like the messy photos" and I WAS EVEN MORE IN. They wanted to take their bridal photos before they get married and it was a dream. Haley basically gets to be a bride twice. NOTHIN. BETTER. They are the most giddy, joyful people and are so dang in love. It made this session so amazing to photograph. 

Shoots like this bring me so close to the Lord. I could feel his love pouring over me as I took these photos. It is such a crazy thing to say, but it's true. I'll say it again and I will never stop saying it, shooting people in love makes me so grateful that we are able to love, and that we are LOVED immeasurably in return.