I met Breanna through Instagram last year when I was looking for a second shooter. She shot a double wedding weekend with me, we had a sleepover the first day of knowing each other, and the rest is history ;). 

She's engaged to her best friend Kevin and the two of them share the deepest love. This was my first time meeting Kevin, after a long time comin' (he's fantastic). We drove out to Rowena Crest in what seemed like a full blown monsoon. Misty rain. The kind that gets ya real soaked. But we ended up having the most fun time. Breanna + Kevin embraced the weather and made the best of it. Which allowed me in turn to create images that are so full of emotion. We walked a lot, we laughed a lot, they hugged a lot. 

I love these two so much and am so grateful the Lord had us cross paths. Bre (and now Kevin) have been and will continue to be such lights in my life - and in everyone lives that know them. Can't wait for next June. It's goin' down! 


Olivia Strohm3 Comments