A couple weeks ago I hopped back up to my favorite of all favorite photo shoot spots with Kyla and Zach for their engagement session! Now I've shot here in thick fog, pouring rain, and filtered evening sunlight. It never gets old for me. I love seeing what I can do with a space, with new people, and I always love the results! Plus, its not a strenuous hike to get here...;) 

These two were so fun to work with. We had a blast getting to know each other and I love feeling like my clients are friends after a shoot. They were so kind to me, thanking me for making this 'actually fun!' which to a photographer, is like, the best compliment you can get about how you conduct a photo shoot. Cuz lets be honest, getting your picture taken is, well, kind of awkward. 

These are just a select few of my favorites. Enjoy!!

zkengaged (56 of 109).jpg
zkengaged (51 of 109).jpg
zkengaged (68 of 109).jpg
zkengaged (91 of 109).jpg
zkengaged (97 of 109).jpg
zkengaged (99 of 109).jpg
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