that everything i have is because of jesus. he is the best part of my life. you will probably find me talking about him at one point or another. he is the reason i do this and the driving force behind why i do what i do. jesus is kind, gracious, loving and generous. he is forgiving, non-condemning, and my example on how i want to live, love, and treat people. whether or not you're a believer - my hope is that you know that he is rooting for you. marriage is hard work. jesus makes it easier.  

i also have to say that i am married to jesse - my best best friend. we live in a little home in portland, oregon and love to spend time with family, watch netflix + go on evening walks. he has been with me through the trenches of business owning and encourages me to keep going every single day. we had the most wonderful, calm, fun, and enjoyable wedding day almost four years ago and with that in mind, i strive and desire to give my couples the same experience that we did. 

and thirdly...i have to say that i'm a goofball. i know...everyone says that about themselves. sowwwy. on the outside i might look like i have it all together (you know, that instagram authenticity, ha!), but i'm really the girl who stays in her pj's far too long, watches too much netflix (and loves it), and is so obsessed with her parents dog that it's her phone background most of the time. i'm all about being serious when life calls for it, but i'm also all about letting loose, enjoying life's beauty + seeing the good in everything. 


here's me. just for reference. 

there are a million photographers out there. but you're here -- reading this, and i am glad that you are. i'm not going to tell you that i am a photographer for adventurous couples because i want to be a photographer for all couples. the ones who like to sit at home and play wii bowling, but also enjoy a good adventure here and there. the ones that want artistic, moody images but without all the straight faces (okay, well, i'll have you do a few - ha)! life isn't perfect, relationships can be messy, and social media isn't real life. i want to be the photographer that captures the real stuff. i want to be the photographer that lets you be yourself and doesn't force you to interact in a way that isn't how you normally would just to get a cute shot. i want to know you, because i want to capture you beautifully and well.





why the 2014 up in the top left corner? 2014 was the year this journey of a job started. it was the year i took a leap and jumped into being a full time photographer. it was the year that i fell in love with capturing weddings and joyful people on their best days. and it was the year jess and i had the most glorious, beautiful, wonderful wedding day.