this word kind of scares me!


but in a good way. i first want you to know that this workshop is something i've been praying about over the past year. if you know my story, you know I've struggled. but, its been worth it. by his grace -- i've learned how a healthy mindset can change a business' trajectory from an exhausted, comparing time-suck to a joyful tool to bring blessings to our clients, and glory to god. i could jump up and down and shout from every rooftop in town about what jesus has done for me -- and about the freedom there is in surrendering your business to him. so that's what i'm going to do. minus the rooftops. but i can't promise there won't be shouting + jumping ;).



a retreat + workshop!

let's call it the #OSPworkshop. or just a really, really fun weekend away with other lady photographers to talk about photography, shoot beautiful things, discuss businesswoman life + pursue jesus. 





this workshop / retreat  is designed to reorient, inspire, educate, encourage + remind. 



so...why a workshop?

because jesus has poured his grace over me and i have so much to share that i simply can't keep it to myself anymore.

and because with so many opportunities to compare ourselves in our industry, it's so easy to lose sight of why we do what we do. I've spent time feeling on top of the world, only to be followed by low-lows where I question everything. this isn't how it is supposed to be.

so, why do we do what we do?

addressing this simple question has changed my life.

we were made to work. god created us to work. but he created us to work for his good. for his people. not ourselves. at times, I find myself constantly thinking of how my business' success can benefit me. while i am trying to gain more followers for myself -- i miss the purpose of this life i've been graciously given. i need to be using my gifts + platform (no matter the size) to gain followers for jesus. 

so why is it so hard to just let that be enough

because we were created to pursue something. and i have been pursuing the wrong thing for so long. 

fame, money, recognition, busyness...for so long i've struggled with pursuing these things to no end, and it always comes up short. no matter how many instagram followers i have, i'll always want more. no matter how many weddings i have booked, i'll always want more. this needs to stop. how do i stop it? by refocusing on my reason why i do this job -- and reorienting my mindset back on my purpose. 

my deep desire is for each woman who attends to leave feeling filled with the truth that they are enough, known + uniquely gifted. there is always room for growth and room to learn. owning a business is hard work, and there are so many things i've learned from my four years of being a full time photographer that i cannot wait to share!

but there is no formula to follow to gain popularity, book clients, or be what the world tells us we need to be + do to be successful. success begins with surrender. 

come one, come all and let's REtreat, get real + let our creative souls sing (and dance, and shout, and shoot, and laugh, and cry + eat + praise). 

details // this workshop is closed! keep your eye out for another coming this fall!

- based in portland, oregon
- MARCH 2 - 4  (friday afternoon to sunday afternoon)
- lodging included
- 1 hands on styled couples session
- 1 hands on styled bridal shoot in the columbia gorge
- open and honest question + answer time
- guest speakers
- education on workflow, editing, pricing, designing your brand, website, social media, tax talk, organization + MORE
- one on one consult time
- fellowship + discussion time
- breakfast, lunch + dinner included ( + wine). 

cost // $1000

want in?

i'm so glad you are considering joining me! to book, fill out the form

a detailed information guide will be sent out a month and a half before the workshop to keep you
in the loop!  for now, a non-refundable (but transferrable) 50% deposit will be necessary to hold your spot and can be fulfilled via venmo or check. 

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they sought god eagerly, and he was found by them. so the lord gave them rest on every side.

2 chronicles 15:15