I really, really, really, really want to help ya. 

REALLY. okay. i don't claim to know everything about owning and running a photography biz, and my oh my do i still learn new things every single shoot, wedding, and day. owning your own photography business is hard freaking work. i've had high highs and really, really low-lows in my 5 years of being full time and now, i want to encourage and help anyone that i can to break free from doubt, fear, and comparison and celebrate our skills with successful + healthy businesses. i am a firm believer that a good pep talk can change the trajectory of a day and that's what i want to do for you! you can count on me to give you a virtual shake by the shoulders whenever you need it. 




First...the newsletter. 


what's better than free education and pep talks sent straight to your inbox every other week?!? i would say a lot of ice cream or naps or golden retriever puppies. but we're talking business over here and free = the bomb. 

i am going to begin sending out free education + hefty pep talks in my newsletter every two weeks starting in june! want to see something specific covered? shoot me a message on instagram! 

The free black and white preset!

yaaaa baby! this creamy, moody black and white is yours when you subscribe! this is my tried and true black and white and works so, so well with both indoor and outdoor situations. i can always achieve the look i want in 1-3 clicks! under expose in camera for best results...and have fun tweaking to your liking!


The one day workshop is here!


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Feeling like you need a bit more?

imagine you are in 5th grade, and your soccer coach is yelling at you to run 17 laps around the entire soccer field and you're thinking to yourself, why the crap am i doing this? and wanting to call your mom and be picked up only to realize you don't have a cell phone because cell phones weren't given to 5th graders back in the day. i love (business) coaching and i can promise you that there will be no running, no yelling, and you can use your cell phone and leave if you don't like me. 

i love to encourage. and i want to encourage, help and guide you along the journey of building your business. let's grab coffee (or facetime in our sweatpants), talk, and maybe even shoot a bit and create tangible goals where you can work + build a business that you are excited about, proud of, one that and enjoy rather than resent!

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