Sarah + austin

Palm Springs is heaven. heaven heaven heaven. Sarah + austin, the worlds sweetest newlyweds, flew me out to shoot some honeymoon photos around town. Palm Springs is in the middle of the, in normal desert fashion, it was about 110 degrees outside. and, as we drove out to the remote desert - it went up to 118. it was no freaking joke!!! we took photos fast and drank heaps and heaps of water and had the best time despite the heat. s + a totally rocked it. 

from stopping on the side of the road in literally, the middle of the desert, to perusing the ace hotel, walking around the mid century neighborhoods and taking a dip in the pool - this shoot was inspired by a day in the life of honeymooners. enjoy!!! 




special thanks to vanity affair events for planning this with me, the holiday house for providing the gorgeous pool and lounge area + sarah and austin for being the best best best models.