The one day workshop, round 01

this isn't just another one day workshop, sista. 

This is a day of learning about how to grow your business, practicing your craft, having rich, thought-provoking discussions with fellow lady photographers, and understanding how to run your business healthily -- based on acceptance, joy, uniqueness and freedom. THIS IS A DAY OF healing, GROWTH, POSITIVITY AND FELLOWSHIP!

my journey on this path of being a full time photographer has not been easy. there has been pain, discouragement, and enough brokenness to go around the world 3, maybe 4 times. with so many opportunities in our industry to compare ourselves, it's easy to lose sight of why we do what we do. why we keep showing up. why we keep putting so much pressure on ourselves to be "somebody." jesus has been working on my heart, healing those broken areas and revealing to me the sweet truth that i am somebody. and you are too. 

we, as photographers, have the incredible ability to use our jobs to not only make a living doing what we love, but to bless the socks off everyone we come in contact with. to serve people well during important milestones in their lives. to show acceptance and love instead of exclusion and judgement. let's make those things our goals. not our follower count. ;)

cue mario's "let me love you" because girl, i want to spend the day loving on you and encouraging you. i'd love to help you create tangible, achievable, and healthy goals to get you where you want to be, all while reminding you of your indescribable worth and talent. i'll shout it from every rooftop in town if i have to - you are worthy, talented, and so very capable! 


All about it. 

when // wednesday June 6th from 9am-5pm

where // the loft at union/pine in Portland, oregon (that pretty space in the photo above!)

who // lady photographers of all experience levels! you can be 10 years in or 2 months in...come as you are. 

how many // there are 12 spots available! 

what's included // light breakfast + coffee, lunch, snacks, open q+a time, business resources, multiple education sessions, a unique styled bridal shoot, live editing sessions, branding advice + guidance, access to a private Facebook group to ask further questions in after the workshop, one-on-ones + so much more. 

how much // $450 


Come hang w/ me!

being bold and showing up to a workshop can be freakin' scary. but, rest easy and know that i truly want to take care of you and make you feel comfortable and valued. your unique presence is going to be such a gift to me, and all who attend. feeling vulnerable, uneasy and skeptical? Please tell me your fears and concerns! i'm here for ya. 

shoot me an e-mail below, and let's get you signed up!!!  

upon registration, payment can be fulfilled in venmo, with a 50% deposit to secure your spot (i will send you my venmo name!) and from there, I'll send you a detailed guide that maps out all the deets to keep you in the loop and add you to an exclusive Facebook group!