hi you! my name is olivia.  

but you can learn more about me in a minute, because RIGHT NOW this is all about you.

you'd be surprised by how many wedding days can be consumed by stress and anxiety. the day floats by and more of it is stress-filled than joy-filled. yikes. you want those effortless, joyful, intimate photos, don't you? well, those come when you are truly enjoying your day. this simple thought is so important to me.

because photos express feelings. and if you're feeling like your inner bridezilla is about to go on an angry rampage - your photos will reflect that. I'd love to help make your day the most wonderful, meaningful, joyful experience of your life. i want you to fall in love with your person all over again...and then a million times more when you look at the photos. i want to encourage you throughout the process that the little details don't matter as much as the big ones...and to make sure you take moments to step back, and breathe it alllllll in. because your wedding day has the potential to be heaven on earth, if you let go + let it be! I WANT TO GIVE YOU YOUR DREAM PHOTOS. BUT I ALSO WANT TO HELP GIVE YOU YOUR DREAM DAY.


new fams and little babes are my new favorite thing. 

we just had our first workshop!

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