i'm not a cookie cutter photographer. i love working with couples who care more about their love being captured beautifully than what their centerpieces look like. i love working with couples who love my art, + want to invest in me, because i love investing in them. i love capturing the raw, edgy, personality-filled moments that only come from being truly, deeply and madly in love with your person. i love working with couples who want an artistic + crazy fun day of running around with your favorite person on the planet. solid, love drenched, true-to-you days are what i'm after. this isn't about the money, or about shooting 47 weddings a year. i want to invest my time into my couples. i'm not cookie cutter. and if you aren't either, i think we've got some chattin' to do.

joy over perfection. Every time.  


goofy is good.

i recently shot a wedding where the bride and groom danced their faces off during their formal portraits and it got me thinking -- this is the stuff that people want to remember their day by. the goofy moments, the silly ones. i decided after that wedding that i want my couples to be fully themselves, because if we are being real, most of the moments you share with your person are weird as h*ll.  let's get raw + weird because that is where the magic happens. that is where the moment that you are looking at your gallery of photos after they've been delivered you laugh + cry because the photos exemplify exactly who you both are.