I want to keep this simple because this day was just that. emily + wade were married on the beach with their families surrounding them on a breezy October afternoon on the Oregon coast. they walked each other down the "aisle" to their families that were waiting for them, exchanged personal vows, and were smiling the whole way through. everything about this day was calm, and full of little pieces of their love story that I loved discovering throughout my Time with them. I've known emily for quite some time now -- she has always been the style queen, so I was not surprised by her amazing wardrobe choices ;). velvet booties, need I say more?! she's also a glossier girl, so she did her own makeup flawlessly. she found wade's Burgundy velvet jacket at a vintage shop...velvet, man. the best. 

florals by Lauren royster of edelweiss floral co.  created the absolutely incredible bridal bouquet for emily. it was the perfect color to compliment em's gorgeous red hair + lauren even included a touch of velvet ribbon that could not have looked better. Seattle / Portland brides, check this girl out, her florals are unreal. 

two reasons why an intimate wedding might be for you:

1. big weddings can be laid back, but nothing is more laid back than a wedding day with just you, your love + your families. or, even smaller, just you and your love! crowds, details + timelines are stress inducing, so if you cringe at the thought of being even the slightest bit stressed on your happiest day -- consider an intimate wedding! plus, you can get married wherever you want. the beach, the mountains, Taco Bell. winning. 

2. if reason one resonates with you...have a small, intimate ceremony, and a poppin' reception later on! this is starting to become a trend, and for dang good reason. forgo timelines, + do what you want on your big day but don't compromise on that epic dance party you've been dreaming of. intimate weddings bring together the best of the best parts that a wedding day can offer. nothing but authentic love. 

let's plan your perfect day, yo.