FALL IS HERE!!! It's official! Jenna and I drove out to the gorge a few weeks back to meet Wil (he lives in Hood River) on a rainy Portland day only to be greeted by the SUNNIEST day out near the Dalles at the Rowena Crest outlook. The moment we stepped out the car....WOOOOOSH. WIND. You guys, it was WINDY. But wind = movement and movement = photographer's dream. The colors, the wind, and these gorgeous people made for the perfect fall inspired engagement shoot EVERRR. 

Shooting at Rowena 3 different times, in 3 completely different weather situations over the past year has been so crazy. One in a rainstorm, one in a snow storm and now in a sunny windstorm. Rowena is one of those spots that has helped me grow as a photographer, in my creativity and eye. It's always, always, worth stretching yourself out of your comfort zone. 

Jenna + Wil's sweet, quiet interactions were so inspiring to shoot, and when they started cracking up you better believe I was snappin' like a mad woman. They're having a lil backyard wedding next August and I can't wait to shoot their smiles all the live long day!