photos by my bff @madelinemetcalf

photos by my bff @madelinemetcalf

hi! i'm olivia. i'm just a goofy gal living a simple little life with my husband/BFF jesse in the surrounding suburbs of  Portland, OR.

if you know jesus, you know he loves to show up in crazy a** ways and bless the heck out of you for no reason. that's what he did with this business. he's been so present in this journey i've committed to and he's entrusting your wedding days with me for a reason.  jesus is so good, + to know him is the greatest thing i've ever been a part of. 

you are probably on the hunt for the perfect photographer to capture your wedding day. whether it be a big huge party or a quiet, intimate ceremony with just you two. there are so many of us to do the job. like, so so so many. and that's okay. but it makes choosing the right one tough. and i totally understand that. but, let's chat about your day. tell me the things you are most excited about. tell me what your dream dress looks like, show me that secret pinterest board...i want to know it ALL!  because i love my job. i love being a part of people's best days. i want to be more than just another vendor. i want to invest in who you are as people + get to know you. goodness i'm excited for you. really, really am. 

let all that you do be done in love. 

1 corinthians 16:14

here's a bit about me /


redheads (one in particular, ahem, you, jesse), sweatpants, singing in the car, saying "LOL", dancing my butt off at weddings, being at my parents house, watching netflix (any teenage drama show or anything super creepy/psychological), birkenstocks, dressing up,  horror movies, family, hot weather, pizza, coffee, wine, chocolate, and praising my lord + savior all the day long.


getting my photo taken, waking up early, slow internet, ketchup, sad movies and songs, rain for more than 5 days in a row, emptying the dishwasher, stomach aches, snowboarding, white water rafting, when my phone dies, + fast fashion.